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The Ijã Mytyli Cine Collective of the Manoki and Myky brings together young filmmakers from the Manoki and Myky indigenous peoples of the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. In the native language, Ijã means both history and path. Every story crosses a path, which must be followed carefully and graciously so that no one gets lost, and every path tells a story, which must be beautifully narrated and listened with respect. Mytyli or Myty'i in our language means young or new: another way of telling stories and tracing paths made mostly by young people, through a communication tool that is cinema, guided by the trajectory of our ancestors.

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The First “Ijã Mytyli Showcase: Healing Times” brings fourteen productions by Manoki and Myky directors, including seven new films. This year the showcase comes in online format and has the support of the Brasnorte Secretary of Culture.


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Watch our releases:


“Pinjawuli: the poison reached me” is elected best video art in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil

The 26th Young Art Salon of Mato Grosso awarded works by three indigenous artists in its latest edition, including the 2-minute short film by director Bih Kezo, produced by Ijã Mytyli Cine Collective. Among dozens of works from across the state, the film, which borders between documentary and fiction, was considered the best video art in the State of Mato Grosso, in October 2021. Domingas Apatso and Liberio Boe were also awarded at the same festival in the acquisition and installation categories. Long life to the indigenous arts, malentjakalo!


The documentary “Ãjãí” wins Special Award from the Official Jury at X FIFER

In April 2021, the official jury of the 10th Recife International Ethnographic Film Festival awarded its special prize to the documentary “Ãjãí: the headball game of the Myky and Manoki”, produced by Ijã Mytyli Cine Collective and directed by Typju Myky and André Tupxi Lopes. In its tenth edition, the festival, which aims to exhibit and reward works that present recognized technical quality in the field of Visual Anthropology, had the following members in its official jury: Amalia Córdova, Frances Paola Garnica, Margarita Dalton, Mariano Baez Landa and Paride Bollettin. The same film has already won some awards at festivals such as Cine Kurumin and Pierre Verger Award. Mekalori!!!

8th edition of Cine Kurumin awards “Ãjãí” as the best feature-length documentary

The documentary “Ãjãí: the headball game of the Myky and Manoki”, produced by Ijã Mytyli Cine Collective of the Manoki e Myky, won the award for best feature-length documentary at Cine Kurumin. In a virtual ceremony on March 30, 2021, the winners of the eighth edition of the film festival spoke a little about their trajectories in cinema. Dedicated to indigenous-themed audiovisual productions from around the world, the Cine Kurumin International Indigenous Film Festival takes place in rural indigenous villages and Brazilian metropolises, attracting all types of audiences. The event has supported indigenous artistic and cinematographic production for eight years in an action to decolonize the imagination and retake images, creating intercultural spaces and coexistence between indigenous and other perspectives.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the eighth edition took place in an online format. This year, the curatorship was signed by Bia Pankararu, Graci Guarani, Naine Terena, Olinda Muniz, Roberto Romero, Thais Brito, Aline Frey and Ana Carvalho. The Official Jury included Amalia Córdova, Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá and Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy. The documentary directed by Typju Myky and André Lopes was the result of more than three years of intense collaboration between the directors and records of game practices in the Manoki and Myky communities. In addition to being filmed, edited and translated in the Japuíra community of the Myky people, the film was completed with the presence of Typju Myky and his father at the Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology at the University of São Paulo (LISA-USP), which has collaborated a lot with the final cuts of some works by Ijã Mytyli Collective. Also this year, the documentary was part of the Brazilian contemporary exhibition at ForumDoc and won an honorable mention at the Pierre Verger Award, from the Brazilian Association of Anthropology. Mekalori!!!

O documentário “Ãjãí: o jogo de cabeça dos Myky e Manoki”, produzido pelo Coletivo Ijã Mytyli, ganhou o prêmio de melhor documentário longa-metragem no Cine Kurumin. Em cerimônia virtual no dia 30 de março de 2021, os vencedores da oitava edição do festival de cinema falaram um pouco de suas trajetórias no cinema. Dedicado a produções audiovisuais com temática indígena de todo o mundo, o Festival Internacional de Cinema Indígena Cine Kurumin acontece em aldeias indígenas rurais e nas metrópoles brasileiras, atraindo todos os tipos de público. O evento apoia há oito anos a produção artística e cinematográfica indígena numa ação de descolonização do imaginário e retomada das imagens, criando espaços interculturais e convivências entre os olhares indígenas e outros olhares.

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